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Tetrabutylammonium Iodide Cas No: Properties, Uses & Applications

Jiangsu Hongsi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a China-based supplier and exporter of Tetrabutylammonium Iodide Cas No. As a leading manufacturer of chemical substances, we provide high-quality Tetrabutylammonium Iodide in various quantities to meet the diverse needs of clients. Our product - Tetrabutylammonium Iodide Cas No - is a well-known and commonly used quaternary ammonium salt. It is comprised of positively charged tetrabutylammonium cation and negatively charged iodide anion. It is mainly used in organic synthesis for the preparation of various iodine-containing compounds and as a phase transfer catalyst. With years of experience and expertise, we have become a well-known name in the chemical industry. Our products have gained immense popularity among customers worldwide due to their premium quality, reliable performance, and efficient outcomes. We adhere to strict quality control measures and use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure that the purity and quality of our products remain consistent throughout all batches. Choose our Tetrabutylammonium Iodide Cas No as your go-to chemical substance for your demanding applications. Contact us today to learn more about our product and services.

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