High Huality 2-Chloroacetamide CAS 79-07-2

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CAS No.: 79-07-2

Molecular formula: C2H4ClNO

Molecular weight: 93.5123

Chemical properties: White crystal; soluble in 10 times of water and 10 times of absolute ethanol; very slightly soluble in ether

Application: Synthesis of Chemicalbook organic compounds such as chloroacetonitrile and sulfamethylpyrazine; used for organic synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates and synthesis of organic compounds such as chloroacetonitrile, sulfonamide-3-methoxypyrazine and sulfamethylpyrazine.

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Introducing our newest product, 2-Chloroacetamide, a highly effective organic compound with wide applications in various industries.  CAS No. 79-07-2, molecular formula C2H4ClNO, molecular weight 93.5123. 

Chemical Properties

2-Chloroacetamide has a white crystal appearance, solubility is 10 times that of water, 10 times that of absolute ethanol, and the solubility in ether is very small.

One of the key properties of 2-chloroacetamide is its exceptional purity, which makes it ideal for high-precision applications. This chemical is manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring it is free of any impurities or contaminants that could affect its effectiveness or safety.

In addition, 2-chloroacetamide is highly stable with an extremely long shelf life, remaining effective and reliable even after prolonged storage or use. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from chemical synthesis to pharmaceutical research.


2-Chloroacetamide is perfect for all your chemical synthesis needs, whether you are working with pharmaceutical intermediates, organic compounds, or chemical book compounds such as chloroacetonitrile and sulfamethylpyrazine. This versatile compound is ideal for the synthesis of organic compounds such as sulfa-3-methoxypyrazine and sulfamethylpyrazine, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce high-purity intermediates.

Overall, 2-chloroacetamide is a versatile and highly efficient organic compound that is an essential part of any laboratory or manufacturing facility. With its outstanding chemical properties and wide range of applications, this chemical is a valuable investment that is sure to deliver excellent results time and time again. So why wait? Order 2-Chloroacetamide today and experience the incredible benefits of this extraordinary compound for yourself!

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