Formamidine Acetate CAS 3473-63-0

Short Description:

CAS No.:3473-63-0

Melting point: 157-161℃

Moisture: 0.5%

Appearance: White crystal

Storage condition: Easy to absorb moisture, storage in dry place

Application: Intermediates of pharmaceuticals

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Introducing Formamidine Acetate - the perfect pharmaceutical intermediate!

Chemical Properties

Formamidine Acetate is a white crystalline substance with CAS number 3473-63-0. This amazing product has a melting point of 157-161°C and a moisture content of only 0.5%. Formamidine acetate is ideal as a pharmaceutical intermediate and has many valuable applications in this field.


One of the most notable advantages of Formamidine Acetate is that, due to its high quality, it can produce a safe and well-tolerated drug. This capability is critical to the healthcare industry as drug quality and safety are critical to the health of patients.

One of the benefits of Formamidine Acetate is that it can be easily stored in a dry place. However, it is important to remember that this product absorbs moisture, so it is essential to take care of it properly. This way, it stays in top condition and provides maximum benefit.


Formamidine Acetate is commonly used as a pharmaceutical intermediate in the manufacture of many pharmaceuticals. This product provides a reliable and efficient mechanism to produce different drugs. Its purity and quality make this product very beneficial to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Scientists and researchers trust Formamidine Acetate for their experiments and drug production. This product ensures the accuracy and efficiency of drug development while ensuring the stability of the final product.

 In conclusion, Formamidine Acetate is an essential product in the pharmaceutical industry, especially for the production of different drugs. Its purity and quality make it the trusted choice of scientists, pharmacists and researchers worldwide. So take advantage of the incredible benefits of Formamidine Acetate and take your pharmaceutical production to the next level!

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