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CAS No.:7789-38-0

Molecular formula: NaBrO3

Molecular weight: 150.892

Boiling point :1390 ℃

Melting point:755 ℃

Chemical properties: white crystalline powder

Application: Used as analytical reagent, oxidizing agent, perm agent, and can also be mixed with sodium bromide to dissolve gold

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Chemical Properties

Sodium Bromate (CAS No. 7789-38-0) is a strong oxidizing agent with a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. The white crystalline powder has a molecular formula of NaBrO3 and a molecular weight of 150.892. Boiling point 1390°C, melting point 755°C, high stability, easy to handle.


One of the main applications of sodium bromate is as an analytical reagent. It is often used with other oxidizing agents such as potassium permanganate and sodium chlorite for the analysis of organic compounds. Due to its strong oxidizing properties, it can help identify and quantify various compounds, making it an indispensable tool for researchers and scientists.

Sodium bromate is also commonly used as an oxidizing agent in chemical manufacturing and other industrial processes. Its ability to facilitate electron transfer between different compounds allows it to facilitate many reactions that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. As such, it is often used in the production of bleaches, dyes and medicines.

Another important use of sodium bromate is as a perm agent in the production of hair care products. It breaks down the disulfide bonds in the hair fiber, making it an effective way to create long-lasting curls or waves. This is usually achieved by mixing sodium bromate with a reducing agent and applying the solution to the hair, which then undergoes a chemical reaction to create the desired style.

Finally, sodium bromate can also be used in combination with sodium bromide to dissolve gold. This is a method widely used in the mining industry because it allows gold to be extracted from ore without the need for toxic chemicals such as cyanide. Sodium bromate acts as an oxidizing agent, while sodium bromide helps dissolve gold and other minerals, making them easier to extract and process.

In conclusion, sodium bromate is a versatile and powerful oxidizing agent with a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Its ability to boost chemical reactions, dissolve gold and create long-lasting hairstyles makes it an invaluable tool in many different settings. Whether you're a researcher, manufacturer, or miner, sodium bromate is an essential part of your toolbox.

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