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CAS No.: 107-14-2

Molecular formula: C2H2ClN

Molecular weight: 75.5

Chemical properties: Colorless transparent liquid; density 1.193g/cm3; melting point 38°C; boiling point 124-126°C; saturated vapor pressure 1.064kPa (20°C); solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in hydrocarbons and alcohols

Application: Used as analytical reagents, fumigants, pesticides, solvents, organic synthesis intermediates

Introducing Chloroacetonitrile – Your Ultimate Chemistry Solution

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Introducing Chloroacetonitrile - Your Ultimate Chemistry Solution

Chemical Properties

If you're looking for a powerful, versatile, and reliable compound, look no further than chloroacetonitrile. This colorless and transparent liquid is a game-changer in the field of analytical reagents, fumigants, pesticides, solvents and organic synthesis intermediates. With a chemical formula of C2H2ClN and a molecular weight of 75.5, chloroacetonitrile is a powerful and effective solution for a wide variety of chemical applications.

The chemical properties of chloroacetonitrile make it a valuable tool for many industrial applications. The density is as high as 1.193g/cm3, the melting point is 38°C, and the boiling point is 124-126°C. The saturated vapor pressure of this compound is also 1.064kPa at 20°C. Chloroacetonitrile is insoluble in water, but very soluble in hydrocarbons and alcohols, making it an ideal solvent and intermediate in organic synthesis.


Chloroacetonitrile is used in many applications due to its various properties. It is used as an analytical reagent to detect and quantify various chemicals in samples. Also, it is used as a fumigant to get rid of pests and insects. Chloroacetonitrile is also a high-efficiency pesticide that can protect crops, increase food production, and improve overall agricultural productivity. Its unique properties make it an excellent solvent in chemical processes and industrial applications. Chloroacetonitrile is also commonly used as an intermediate in organic synthesis, making it an essential ingredient for many chemical reactions.


Chloroacetonitrile is a versatile and effective compound that is extremely cost-effective. Its unique properties make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from analytical reagents to industrial solvents. Due to its versatility, chloroacetonitrile is widely used in the chemical industry, food production and agriculture. Its outstanding properties also make it an ideal compound for research and development purposes, providing scientists and researchers with new tools to develop breakthrough compounds.

In Conclusion

Chloroacetonitrile is an excellent compound with a variety of applications that can benefit many industries. With its diverse and powerful properties, it can help improve agricultural productivity, industrial processes and chemical reactions. Owing to its versatility, chloroacetonitrile is an essential compound in many fields and its continuous usage is expected to drive innovation and growth in these industries. Whether you are a researcher, manufacturer, or analytical chemist, chloroacetonitrile is an excellent choice for your chemistry needs.

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