Formamidine Acetate CAS 3473-63-0

Discover the Benefits of CAS 70-11-1 and 2-Bromoacetophene for Your Industrial Applications

Jiangsu Hongsi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a reliable supplier and exporter of various chemicals, including 2-Bromoacetophene with CAS number 70-11-1. This product is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a fruity odor, commonly used as an intermediate in organic synthesis processes, particularly in the production of pharmaceuticals. Our company ensures high-quality 2-Bromoacetophene that meets international standards to satisfy the demands of different industries. With years of experience in the industry, we have developed a strict quality control system to guarantee the purity and stability of our chemicals. We serve customers from various countries worldwide and strive to provide excellent services and prompt delivery to meet their needs. Whether you need a large order or just a sample, we can provide you with a competitive price and reliable delivery. Trust us to be your best partner for sourcing 2-Bromoacetophene and other chemicals. Contact us now to learn more about our products and services.

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