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44’Dimethoxytriphenylmethyl Chloride: Applications, Properties, and Synthesis Steps

Jiangsu Hongsi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier and exporter of high-quality chemical products, and we are pleased to introduce our latest offering - 44’Dimethoxytriphenylmethyl Chlide. Commonly known as DMT-Cl, this product is a versatile and highly efficient reagent for peptide synthesis and protein modification. DMT-Cl is a popular choice for solid-phase peptide synthesis due to its fast reaction times and excellent compatibility with a wide range of amino acid derivatives. Its high purity and low toxicity also make it a reliable option for protein labeling and cross-linking applications. With our stringent quality control measures and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide you with top-notch DMT-Cl that meets your exact specifications. As a China-based supplier and exporter, we take pride in our ability to deliver competitive pricing, fast shipping, and exceptional service to our clients all over the world. Make Jiangsu Hongsi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. your trusted partner for all your chemical needs, and experience the difference our products and service can make. Get in touch with us today to place your order for 44’Dimethoxytriphenylmethyl Chlide and other top-quality products.

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