Formamidine Acetate CAS 3473-63-0

Discover the Benefits of Using 2-Chloro Acetamide for Your Chemical Needs

Jiangsu Hongsi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier and exporter of 2-Chloro Acetamide in China. This high-quality product is widely used in the chemical industry for the synthesis of various chemicals. It is a white crystalline solid and the molecular formula is C2H4ClNO. The purity of our 2-Chloro Acetamide is more than 99%. Our company adheres to the principle of providing customers with excellent products and service. We have a dedicated quality control team that ensures the products meet international standards. Our 2-Chloro Acetamide is manufactured under strict quality control measures to guarantee the highest quality and purity. This versatile chemical is commonly used in the fields of medicine, agrochemicals, and textiles. It is widely used as a raw material for the synthesis of pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals. With our advanced technology and professional customer service, we are confident that we can provide you with the best quality product and service. Order now and experience our exceptional quality and service.

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